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About VCLC

Variety Child Learning Center provides special education and support services to children and families, along with professional development and research.

VCLC is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit center providing special education programs for children who reside in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City, with developmental and learning disabilities, including autism, along with programs and support services for families.

Training early childhood professionals and ongoing research that leads to improved educational and social outcomes for young children are major components of VCLC's mission.

VCLC is:
• Approved by the New York State Department of Health to perform evaluations, and provide special education and early intervention services for children birth to 3 years of age.

• Chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York.

• Approved by the New York State Education Department as a special education facility and evaluation site for children 3 - 8 years of age.

With a staff of over 420 that includes; special education teachers; assistant teachers; therapists (physical, occupational, speech); psychologists; social workers; school nurse; and approximately 80 volunteers, (including graduate and undergraduate interns); VCLC provides special education services and programs to thousands of children and families, on- and off-site.

Professional development training seminars, workshops, and consultation services for early childhood educators, professionals, and pediatric residents are offered on and off-site.

Funding for the following programs and services is provided by federal, state and county governments; school districts; and fund-raising. VCLC programs and services are provided at no cost to families, with the exception of a few after-school programs.



Evaluation Center (Birth to 8 years)
Early Intervention (EI) (Birth – 3 years)
Preschool Special Education Classes (3-5 years)
School-Age Special Education Classes (5-7 years)
Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) (3-5 years)
Special Class in an Integrated Setting (SCIS) (3-5 years)
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Home Program
(Birth to 8 years)
English Language Learner Preschool Classes
(Spanish Bilingual Support) (3-5 years)
Social Skills Training Program (4-16 years)
Sunday Family Center Program/Respite (3-10 years)
Related Services (3-8 years)
-Occupational Therapy
-Physical Therapy
-Speech Therapy
Vacation and Enrichment Programs

Parent Counseling/Parent Training
Parent Education and Support Groups
Sunday Family Center Program/Respite

Professional Development (on/off-site)
Pediatric Resident Training Program

Birth – 5 years

VCLC's success with children with developmental disabilities is statistically proven. The NYS Education Department designated VCLC's Home School Collaborative Model a "Sharing Success Validated Program" showing that when children with developmental disabilities, including autism, enter VCLC at ages 2 or 3, they improve their rates of learning after only 15 months in the program (VCLC operates the only validated preschool special education program on Long Island).

Parents and professionals, partners in VCLC's special education services and developmental programs, are welcome to observe their children in the classroom and therapy rooms (using one-way viewing glass and intercoms). Appointments are not required.

VCLC’s innovative approach was recognized when VCLC and its volunteers were named President Bush's 523rd "Daily Point of Light."

VCLC "graduates" are better prepared for the mainstream, as mandated by federal and state laws. Families are strengthened and better able to cope, as a result of their experiences at VCLC.

For more information on VCLC’s special education services child development programs, research and training, please contact us.

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Children with Disabilities
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