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Variety Child Learning Center
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Variety Child Learning Center

Meet the Staff

Our experienced staff delivers the highest quality programs and services.
-Judith S. Bloch, Founder

Janice Friedman, CEO

Andrea Rieger, CFO

Stacey Ratner, School Principal

Maria Ariss, Coordinator, Bilingual Program

Erika Averso, Coordinator, Home ABA Services

Mary Castorina, Behavior Specialist

Terry DelliSanti, Behavior Specialist

Rebecca Esquilin, Supervisor, Family Center Sunday Respite Program

Carolyn Gammerman, Supervisor, LI ECDC

Jeanne Ginsberg, Coordinator, SEIT

Angela Hamel, Coordinator, CPSE Intake and Social Skills Training Program

Lenore Kahne, Senior Speech/Language Pathologist

Helene Lasky, Coordinator, Speech Services

Terrie Ludwig-Hoppe, Coordinator, Occupational Therapy

Caryn Manske, Curriculum Specialist

Susan Ritz-Baumgarten, Director,Human Resources

Dr. Fern Sandler, Coordinator, Psychological Services

Janet Slade, Controller

Sheryl Sobel, Supervisor,Family Center/Sunday Respite

Joan Padron, Director, Family Services Program

Marsha Weitzman, Coordinator, Related Services Program

Lori Werner, Coordinator, Physical Therapy

Mary Ann Vail, Compliance Officer

Judith Zipkin, Coordinator, Early Intervention Program

Andie Zukerman, Coordinator, Evaluation Program

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Variety Child Learning Center
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