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What Parents and Professionals Say About Us

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you for having the courage to follow your education vision and dreams so our children can realize theirs!"
- Elizabeth Benick

I recently had the great pleasure of attending “Special Day” celebration at VCLC. Watching the children’s parade and listening to their voices raised in song was heart tugging!

My granddaughter Lauren had the great fortune to be enrolled at Variety Child Learning Center, after being evaluated for delayed speech and a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. At the age of three, in Sept. ’05, she began half-day sessions in Miss Anna’s class. She went from making sounds to a chatter box by Christmas. The first time she called me gramma my heart just burst from joy! In Sept. ’06, she began full day session in Miss Keesha’s class. Lauren is now teaching me the finer points of computer use. Her progress is nothing short of miraculous and you have our eternal gratitude. Her unbelievable progress is due to your wonderful education vision and your talented skillful staff.

This type of teaching is a most difficult vocation, however, your staff does not look at it as a job but a labor of love. The children, with child like wisdom, return the love with amazing progress and development. Our children are molded and shaped by those we meet in life. I know Lauren will always carry what she learned and gained at your wonderful school throughout her entire life.

My beautiful granddaughter is “moving on” in Sept. I can only hope and pray she has teachers as dedicated and commited as she had at VCLC.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you for having the courage to follow your education vision and dreams so our children can realize theirs!
-Elizabeth Benick 6/22/07

"Like any parent, we were apprehensive, anxious, and hopeful about this new school. From the first day the bus picked Jake up for school, I knew we were in good hands. Many parents may regard swinging on a swing, riding a bike, or saying "Good Morning" every day occurrences. We considered them small miracles. Thanks to your vision, and may we say genius, the VCLC model has helped our family more than you will ever know. The future will be quite bright as long as Variety is on our side."
-- Karen & Ernie Fikar, Parents

"During his three years at VCLC William made tremendous progress due to the love and attention shown to him by the staff at VCLC. He is now a bright, articulate seven year old who is able to relate much better to other children and participate fully in a classroom learning environment."

-- Carol & Douglas R. Dwyer, Parents

"You stood by offering reassuring words and a gentle hand on my shoulder. You imparted light on a path that was unclear, and you led me to the belief that the road less traveled, does not mean the journey is without beauty."

-- Linda Reavy, Parent

VCLC SEIT services:

This letter is to say “thank you” for the incredible support you provided to "C" during his preschool years. We cannot believe he is entering kindergarten! It is amazing how far he has come and it is because of you.

When "C" first entered Nursery School, he was struggling and so was our family. His behavior was not always appropriate and his social skills were lacking. This was when Variety Child Learning Center (and God) sent us you.

If someone looks up the word “teacher” in the dictionary, there should be a giant picture of Miss "M" next to the definition. Your kindness and positive motivation helped "C" and our family overcome so many obstacles. Through your kind, yet firm spirit, my son was taught how to succeed in the classroom.

You were always available to answer our many, many, many (did we say many?) questions and concerns. You sacrificed your free time to attend weekly “team meetings” with Dr. Sandler, our wonderful Parent Trainer and always made yourself available...whether it was by phone or in person. Never did you make us feel as if we were bothering you. Your motivation was simple…you truly care and wanted "C" to be happy. For this, we think of you as an angel and as a part of our family.

As adults, we often refer back to the lessons of those teachers who had a profound influence on our lives. I will remind "C" as he grows, about his wonderful teacher, “Miss M”, who helped shape him into an amazing child. We love you and will miss you terribly.

Warm Hugs and Kisses,

--Richard and Lisa Ugolini, Parents

As our school year comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge one of your teachers, "S", who has been working with a child in our program. "S" began providing SEIT services in January of this year.

Our school is no stranger to the SEIT program, having had a number of children in the last several years qualifying for services. Last year’s class had five children receiving SEIT services, a relatively large number considering our enrollment of 43 children. As I’m sure you are aware, the impact of having an “outside” teacher in a classroom can be disruptive and sometimes cause problems with staff. Including myself, there are eight staff members who have worked with "S" these last several months.

All of us are in agreement that "S" is one of the most outstanding SEITs we have ever had. For a young teacher who is at the beginning of her career, she already possesses so many of the qualities necessary to be a successful professional in her field. Our school is loosely structured and there is a considerable freedom of choice, which works will for typically developing children, This type of environment, however, made it difficult for her to accomplish the goals set forth for "V". Given this challenge, "S" did not complain or give up but worked to the best of her ability to meet those goals. She also worked well with our teachers, giving them written information as to what she was doing and strategies as to how they could engage "V" to increase verbal expression. "S" became an honorary member of our staff, well liked by both teachers and children. We will miss her.

"S" is a credit to your school and should be congratulated for a job well done. I would not hesitate to request her SEIT services in the future.


--Valerie Ruckert, Director
Village Preschool of Sea Cliff, Inc.

I am writing this letter to inform you of the exceptional school year I had working with "Mr. B" in my Pre-K classroom. Although "Mr. B." was only in our room for 2 hours each day (our class is a 5 day/5 hour classroom). What he managed to accomplish with his student, "T", was, indeed, remarkable and his positive effect on the entire class was highly commendable, as well. As a veteran teacher, I have had many opportunities to work with SEIT teachers during my 25 years of experience, but this young man’s sensitivity and generosity were unsurpassed and his kindness and helpfulness an integral part of our team.

Parents of the other nineteen students in the class, would “sing his praises’ on a daily basis and the children adored him. Our staff and director were honored to have him aboard and look forward to working with him in the future.


--Margie Cacio, Teacher
The Growing Tree Nursery School
Roslyn, NY

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