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Variety Child Learning Center Parent Programs
Each year, the Family Services Department offers a calendar of activities that provide support to parents, siblings and grandparents.

From parent orientation nights to graduation and transitioning into another school, families may choose from different groups, workshops and special activities that meet their needs. Some include:

  • Parent Support Groups
  • Fathers' Nights
  • Daddy & Me
  • Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Seminar
  • Grandparent Days
  • Parent Education Workshops

    • Behavior Management Strategies
    • Stress Management Techniques
    • Psychological Evaluations - What Do They Tell Us?
    • Parents Guide to the Special Education Process
    • Sibling Issues and How to Help
    • ADHD/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Understanding Our Families, Ourselves and Our Children
    • Practical Solutions to Every Day Problems
    • Promoting Social Skills Interactive Play Techniques for Autistic Spectrum Children

Sessions meet during the evening and/or day. There is also a support group for Spanish speaking parents. For more information on Parent Programs, contact For dates and times of upcoming activities, check out Calendar of Events

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Variety Child Learning Center
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