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Psychological Evaluation

Evaluation Center

VCLC provides multi-disciplinary evaluations for children birth to eight years of age with a suspected delay or disability. Services are available in English and Spanish. There is no cost to families. Serving children and families, residing in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and New York City.

VCLC is:
• Approved by the New York State Department of Health to perform evaluations for children birth to 3 years of age.

• Approved by the New York State Education Department as an evaluation site for children 3 - 8 years of age.

Evaluations may include:

Psychological Evaluation

Social History

Observation of the child in a natural peer group setting

Speech/Language Evaluation

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Audiological Evaluation (off site)

Physical (off site)

Vision Evaluation (off site)

Psychiatric Evaluation (off site)

Neurological Evaluation (off site)

Your child's evaluation will be conducted in a family-friendly atmosphere that welcomes parental presence. Observation is available from an adjoining room or through a one-way viewing window equipped with an intercom.

For further information regarding evaluations, please contact Andie Zukerman at Evaluation Center.

Fax number for Evaluation Department: 516-921-5008

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Speech Evaluation
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