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autism video

Training Films

For more information about VCLC's training films contact Barbara Sawicki @ 516-921-7171 ext 2127 or by email:

• A Conversation About Inclusion 15 mins/Video/Color

• A Time for Georgia 15 min/DVD/Video/B&W
This award-winning documentary focuses on Georgia, a preschooler with Autism in her special education class at Variety. Observed are her behavior problems as well as the interactions with her teachers and classmates. The film shows the value of an early educational start, and identifies the need for research.

"Beautiful, concise, to the point, outstanding...I plan to use this film to teach medical students..." -Dr. S. Maitinsky Director, Child Development Center, Nassau County Medical Center, East Meadow, NY

• Alumni Parents Talk 7 min/DVD/Color
In this film we hear from parents of children with developmental disabilities as they share their pain and struggle and talk about the journey from early identification, anxiety, uncertainty, and finally an adaptation to their realities and equilibrium.

"This film is a valuable source of insight and solace" - Judth S. Bloch, CEO/VCLC

• Jennifer is a Lady 26 Minutes/Video/Color
A prescriptive language development program for two children with infantile autism, this film highlights the value of interventions. Emphasis is placed on methods and techniques used by teachers, individually and with a group, to foster communicative competency.

"...a vital, high impact, emotional, and educational experience...a beautiful film which should be seen by all who are interested in helping children." - Martin Greene, DSW, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY

"A good introduction to educational techniques used with autistic children...excellent viewing for students of special education as well as for the general public." -"Play for Keeps" University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

• Listening to Fathers 15:35 mins /DVD/Video/Color
In a round table discussion group, fathers of children with autism or developmental disabilities at VCLC, share their thoughts and feelings regarding their children and family life.

"Fathers are often the forgotten partners in a family that includes a child with autism. This film captures their concerns and shows the contributions that fathers, often neglected, can make to the understanding and caring of their children. An extraordinarily useful tool for all health care professionals." -Abraham Lurie, Ph.D.- School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

• Listening to Mothers 9:45 mins DVD/Video/Color
Mothers of preschoolers at VCLC voice their reactions to the identification of their children's learning, language, and behavior problems, and their experience with teachers.

"A powerful and moving film. It captures the disappointment, courage and determination of an extraordinary group of mothers, as well as their strength, as they deal with the emotional impact created by confirmation of their child's disablity. A must see for professionals working with families." -Anita Gurian, Ph.D.-Clinical Assitant Professor, Dept of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine; Executive Editor,

• SEIT Development at VCLC 7 mins/Video/color

• Share the Dream 13min/Video/Color
Jane Pauley discusses the struggle of preschool children with disabilities and their families. Parents and siblings share their fears, pain and dreams, and affirm the importance of collaboration with staff.
The viewer's understanding of factors that promote positive adaptation for children and their families is enhanced.

• Teaching Children Self Control 26 min/Video/Color
This award-winning documentary shows us defiant and aggressive behavior in young children. The classroom teacher (Sunny Holmes) demonstrates practical techniques that deal with classroom problems and show how to help children acquire impulse control and coping skills.

"By vividly placing the viewer in the classroom with aggressive, hostile children, this film successfully portrays the demands placed upon the helping person. It shows the struggle involved in trying to teach severely impaired children how to cope with their often chaotic thoughts and feelings. By clearly evoking all the reactions one has trying to work with such difficult children, it sets the stage for vigorous and useful debate on teaching strategies." -Dr. Robert Abramovitz, Assoc. Prof. Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Yale University Child Care Center, New Haven, CT.

•The Five P's Partnership: Transforming Educational Goals into Realities 25 min/DVD/color
This film helps viewers (parents and teachers) learn to use the Five P's (Parent/Professional Preschool Performance Profile), an assessment tool rating specific, observable behaviors of a child at home and in school.

"It looks as if you have your finger on something very important in the way of assessments" -T.Berry Brazelton, MD

• The New Survivors 23 Minutes/Video/Color
This video promotes an understanding of the needs of families with children, birth to five, with developmental and physical disabilities. It presents guidelines for enhancing the resiliency and adaptive competence of families and the importance of linkages to community resources. The script was developed by the Regional Planning Group (RPG), a committee of parents and professionals. (Production of this video was made possible by the Olsten Corporation)

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