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Special Education Training Seminars

Seminars: Overview

Professional and experienced staff present on critical topics that affect your programs and services. Check out our Seminars-Upcoming page for upcoming new seminar series topics and dates.

The federal government mandates inclusion of children with disabilities in programs for typically developing children. What impact do these laws have on children, parents and staff? How do we best meet the needs of all children? How can you prepare?

Seminar topics have included:

  • Red Flag Behaviors
  • Promoting Speech and Language in the Classroom Setting
  • The Early Identification of Young Children on the Autism/PDD Spectrum
  • The Mystery of Selective Mutism
  • Teachers and Children Together: A Problem Solving Team
  • Educating Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

All attendees receive Certificates of Completion.

Read comments from early childhood professionals who have attended VCLC seminars.

Meet our presenters.

For more information, contact Stacey Ratner, MS, BCBA @ 516-921-7171 Ext. 2249,

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