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Variety Child Learning Center Training for Educators
"The seminar series empowers my teachers. I make sure that each of my teachers attends at least one seminar at VCLC each year. The 'usable knowledge' presented is invaluable to their ability to include children with disabilities in their nursery school class." -- A Nursery School Director

VCLC's Lufrano Training Program provides training to early childhood and special education staff on and offsite, along with consultation about particular issues. Our Faculty has extensive knowledge in autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and other childhood development issues along with years of experience in the classroom. They are also experts in special education inclusion programs including Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT). In 1997, the New York State Education Department named VCLC a "Developer/Demonstrator" with the responsibility as "experienced practitioners" to provide training, materials, and technical assistance to the field.

Our seminar series focuses on relevant topics such as behavior management, language development, speech therapy, emerging literacy, physical therapy and more. Attendees observe some of the practical applications in VCLC's lab school. All class and therapy rooms have viewing mirrors and intercoms.

Certificates of completion are given to those attending.

For information about on and off site training seminars, workshops and consultation services, call Janice Friedman, Director Research and Training at (516) 921-7171, Ext. 2126. For a schedule of upcoming seminars, please check out our Calendar of Events.
  • Seminars   Professional and experienced staff offers answers to critical topics that affect your programs and services.
  • Consultation   Senior staff is available to provide technical assistance concerning individual needs identified by nursery schools, childcare centers, school districts, etc.
  • Offsite Workshops   Senior staff is available to provide workshops and presentations to your staff and/or parents at your site.

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Variety Child Learning Center
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