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What Professionals Say

Professionals call VCLC seminars invaluable, validating, empowering, informative... Check out our Seminars-Upcoming page for upcoming new seminar series topics and dates.

Comments from attendees at previous VCLC seminars:

"I am so impressed with this program and happy that it exists to assist children and families"
-Fran Gadue, AHRC Suffolk, school psychologist

"I liked the fact that this series touched upon all aspects of a child's life. All the information given will definitely be beneficial in my workplace. I felt all presenters were extremely knowledgeable"
-Melanie Ratnoff, Lawrence High School

"This was open to everyone, teachers, parents, health professionals. Basic to complicated information"
-Amorita M. Snow, M.D. Pediatrician

"The presenters were very knowledgeable. They were organized and presented an enormous amount of information. I found the series very informative and useful"
-Diane Steinberg, P.S.21Q

"Your Seminar gave me concrete strategies to use in my classroom on a day-to-day basis ...It also validated many of the techniques I use in my class to manage behavior in a positive manner."
-Sherry Navasaitis, Nursery School Teacher

"The presenters (of the Seminar series) were very informative and knowledgeable. Their experience and love for helping children were very apparent."
-Ester Rappe, North Shore Synagogue Nursery School

"The seminar series empowers my teachers. I make sure that each of my teachers attends at least one seminar at VCLC each year. The 'usable knowledge' presented is invaluable to their ability to include children with disabilities in their nursery school class."
- Nursery School Director

“Well prepared-presented. Excellent pragmatic applications of theory that are useful & realistic within my classroom environment.
-Joyce Tisman, Preschool Teacher, Mid-Island Y JCC

So many ideas that I can use in my toddler and three-year-old class. I will definitely recommend some of these ideas to the four-year-old teachers too. I loved the Reward Sheet and the Calming Down Box .”
-Cheryl Mills, Preschool Teacher, Woodbury Jewish Center Nursery School

This was an excellent reinforcement of what I have seen happening during my 26 years as a preschool director—the increase in childhood anxiety. Very informative and well-presented.”
-Valerie Ruckert, Preschool Director, Village Pre-school of Sea Cliff, Inc.

The program was very practical and informative. I feel the strategies could be used in all nursery school settings, not only for an ADHD child.”
-Monica Schoelle, Preschool Teacher, Cathedral Nursery School

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